Bickmore Bick 5 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Spray


Bick 5 Complete Leather Care is conveniently packaged in a handy spray bottle that
allows for easy applications. It is specially formulated to condition, clean, polish and
preserve all smooth finished leather. It is ideal for reconditioning old or dry leather and is
perfect for daily leather care maintenance. Bick 5 will not leave your leather sticky after
use.Use it on all of your tack, harness, and leather goods. The easy to use spray bottle
makes this product great for larger areas such as furniture or leather car seats.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Always check for colorfastness in a hidden area
before using. If the item is very dirty, clean with BIck 1 Leather Cleaner. Treating small
areas at a time, spray Bick 5 Liberally over area and rub in using a clean cloth. Let dry and
buff. Repeat as necessary. Do not use on suede, roughout or napped leathers. For extra
protection and waterproofing apply Gard-More after conditioning.

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2 Reviews

Joe 28th Dec 2015

Awesome leather coditioner

I love this stuff for my boots and my wife decided she loves it for our leather office chairs.(used as game room table chairs,much more comfortable than regular chairs)and also use it on the leather car seats.

Bill Springer 17th Dec 2014

Maintaining Leather

Excellent!! Helps boots!

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